“Redoing” a prior nose job which left you unsatisfied could prove to be a daunting process. To help patients during such process, this article includes 3 factors that you must know before you consider revision rhinoplasty.

revision rhinoplasty london1. When was your prior nose job done? And which area of your nose concerns you more?

Total healing from an earlier rhinoplasty may take up a complete year. This is specially true for the tip of your nose. This area is the highly sensitive to cosmetics and takes the largest time to heal completely.

For a person who is concerned with the position or shape of their tip, it is highly recommended that you wait a complete year before you start considering revising your nose.

The bridge of your nose is less gravity dependent as compared to the tip which tries to “settle” faster. This area could be assessed prior than the tip for revisions.

2. The patient might need extra implants or grafts to achieve the revision which she/he is looking for.

When a person whose surgery was previously done at another surgery they may want a revision nasal procedure, the first things that is considered is how preserved is her/his nasal mechanism. During the past, prior nasal surgeries regularly changed the underlying nasal cartilage, which caused weakening of the nose which lead to distorting the structure of the nose eventually. This has seriously impaired the real functioning of human nose (that includes breathing). When it occurs, the nasal structure has to be reconstructed. It’s highly recommended that you utilize cartilage grafts in the area of the tip to do so.

In perfect cases the source for such graft will be from internal part of your nose (the nasal septum) but regularly, prior nasal procedures have utilized all the cartilage which is available inside the nose. Optional sources for cartilage grafting material for such surgeries could be from the rib, the ear, or even donated/banked rib.

3. How much time will the revision rhinoplasty require in order to heal?

In normal cases, revision rhinoplasties take quite some time to heal. Factors which contribute to how long will it take to heal include: proportion of grafts that are used during the procedure & also the amount of job done. Generally, the nose for redo rhinoplasties may take nearly a year to completely heal.

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