non surgical rhinoplastyHave you considered modifying the structure of your nose ever? Most have, specially those who’re afflicted with a crooked, bumpy, or large nose. Like it or not, your self-image, your appearance, and the way you are perceived by other people are linked intrinsically. Examining the fascinating ‘before and after’ images due to rhinoplasty on the internet may be inspiring; yet fear of painful invasive surgery as well as high costs may often prove to be scaring.

Yet what if you are able to change the shape of the nose- without requiring surgery, general anesthesia, or scalpels…at a fraction of your cost? Thanks to the latest, non surgical rhinoplasty methods, today you can.

’15-minute nose jobs’ or Non-Surgical Nose Jobs, are quickly becoming a famous option in facial plastics offices worldwide. They involve a relatively painless, fast procedure, which is done at the doctor’s own clinic. This type of Non-Surgical Nose Jobs modify the shape of your nose with bio-compatible fillers, like hyaluronic acid or collagen, that are injected in and around special areas. They are the same fillers which are used elsewhere on the face, like for ‘marionette lines’ around your mouth. Instead of making the nose look larger, as few patients may worry, judicial use of such fillers could instead smoothen and even contour- helping your nose instantly look better on your face. Doctors have successfully ‘straightened’ crooked noses, re-shaped tips, and also camouflaged bumps on bridges using such methods.

Why select A Non-Surgical Nose Job?

Reasons for selecting a Non-Surgical Nose Jobs abound, as confirmed by its ever-growing popularity. Surely, the fact that a general anesthesia and a hospital visit aren’t required are attractive; patients must remain aware and awake, be able to converse with their doctor & staff. The treatment is fast, often requiring under a 30 minutes, with minimal trouble, a local anesthetic is normally used. It doesn’t have the risk of nosebleeds, scarring, or sustained swelling like standard rhinoplasty may. Patients could expect to get back to work the same day if they choose, and also resume all their routine activities inside 1 to 2 days. Another advantage is the fact that results are immediately visible – so there’s no bandages, no waiting, no downtime from the public. Such advantage, in addition to the fact that Non-Surgical Nose Jobs cost 10-20% of conventional surgical rhinoplasty typically, together combine to make the option attractive to most.

Few Drawbacks And Risks

This treatment is not permanent. Similar to other facial filling techniques, touch-ups might become necessary inside 2 years. There’s a small risk of swelling, redness, and little bruising. Non-Surgical Nose Jobs can never amend severe deformities, damaged/broken tissues, or abnormalities. Such concerns may be required to be addressed by traditional surgical rhinoplasty. Make sure that you visit your doctor to know which option is best for you.