Different types of Rhinoplasty procedures is among one of the most popular surgeries today. This is a type of nose surgery which improves the appearance of the nose so that it looks much better. It is possible to do the augmentation on any spot inside the nose area. Given below are some of the possible changes which could be applied on a person’s nose:

1. Modifying the structure of the nose, nostrils, and bridge.

2. Reducing or increasing the size of nose, nostrils, and bridge.

3. It is possible to level or completely remove ugly bumps.

4. Improving the birth defect affecting the nasal region.

5. Rebuilding improperly formed nose brought by injury.

6. Placing the nose at a better position or angle.

If you are trying to get rhinoplasty done in the near future, you must seriously consider some major things first. And after you have finally made the decision to go with your plan, here are some different types of rhinoplasty procedures which you may request your surgeon. But before selecting any of the procedures, be sure to get enough details regarding each of the procedures:

Open Technique

Majority of cuts are done inside the nose. Though there is a diagonal cut in Culumella-the cartilage which divides the nostrils. After the nose is open, the surgeon will then carry out the procedure to implement the required modifications in order to achieve a nose with better appearance.

This technique is regularly used by surgeons as it allows them to look at the whole structure of the patient’s nose very easily. A small scar in the region of columella remains on the patient’s part.

Closed Technique

The required incisions are carried out inside the nose. When the nose is open already, the cartilage would be withdrawn after which it is formed. Not a single scar will be visible as a result of which a person gets natural and nice-looking nose. As compared to open method, this method gets completed faster.)

Non-Surgical Technique

This method does not involve any type of surgery while reshaping the nose. The technique only uses few materials which are inserted in order to modify the nose. For support nose inserts are used as well.

Nasal Implants

This method very often includes the use of silicon to alter the size and shape of the nose. A well-shaped nose has become very common result as a result of nose implants.

The above are most common techniques used in rhinoplasty. Carry out enough research about them so that you are able to know what you can expect after the surgery. It is also necessary to know the cost related to each procedure so that everything remains inside your budget.